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graduate's gift basket

Top Graduation Gifts – They Won’t Return

Wondering what to give the high school graduate? First and foremost, albeit inelegant, kids always love the green stuff - cash. As college tuition sky-rockets and textbooks cost as much as $350, every little bit helps*. Here are … [Read More]

choosing the right college

Decisions, Decisions… Where to go?

Congratulations! The acceptance letters have come in! All of your hard work has paid off.  Now what do you do? Maybe this book , "Choosing the Right College" by John Zmirak, might help you decide, or simply read below and follow … [Read More]


College Wait List – What to do

The college wait list; you are not accepted, yet you are not rejected, you have been wait-listed. Yes! This leaves hope that you may still get into this college. If it is your dream college, then read on. If it is a college you … [Read More]

Which college decal is yours?

Accepted! Where should you go?

Congratulations! The acceptance letter(s) have come in! All of your hard work has paid off. Follow this check list to help you make a fool-proof decision. Attend  "Accepted Students Day or Weekend". This is the … [Read More]

Yup, it's a deer in headlights

Sophomore & Junior College Prep Checklist

Calling all 10th & 11th graders! Here is your check list and game plan for applying to college. With proper planning you will have   acceptance letters that you will make you proud. *** If you are in 11th grade, hopefully, … [Read More]

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Money Savers


Future Tuition Worries? Read this!

  In January of 2012 Kiplinger created a tremendous chart Best Values in Public Colleges (click for chart) . It compares the tuition of 100 top public Colleges and Universities.  The chart includes  in-state tuition … [Read More]

2 Thumbs Up for AP Credits

Extra Credits = Early Graduation = Saving $

  The "Tail end" Method  - Good students should definitely take those challenging AP courses (Advanced Placement) when offered. Not only does it make you a more attractive applicant, earning AP credits is a great … [Read More]


State U vs. Private U

  It may seem obvious that attending a State University will save you BIG tuition dollars, but there are circumstances, such as being an out of state resident,  where you may end up paying as much or more than if you … [Read More]


Don’t apply where everyone else is applying

Diversity of a college's student population is admission's office dream. Students from Utah? Yes!  Iowa - even better! New York/New Jersey/Connecticut?  wa wa wa.... no thanks... Okay, don't bum-out you oh-so-cool NY … [Read More]

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