Students Upload Your Videos

Wanted! Your  1 minute Youtube video of 3 likes & 1 dislike about your college.

Use your iPhone or any digital mechanism and ask your college friends why they like their school. Humor is good! Outside shots are best!

Once you have a short video, upload it to your YouTube account and then email  cpreston@collegeinthebag  to go LIVE! has 10,000 hits. Tell us what rocks about your school!

Tell us Why your College Rocks & Win iTunes cards

Wanted: 1 Minute Video of College students on Campus

Winners: Best  2 Videos will win a $25 iTunes Card and 5 Honorable Mention Videos will each receive $10 iTunes Cards*

Who: 1,2, or 3 of your friends hammin’ it up on your digital recording (iphone, etc)

What: Tell us why Your College Rocks

When: Deadline is Dec. 1, 2014 to be considered for iTunes Gift Card

Why: Why not?! Your video will help kids figure out where to apply to college.

How to Submit: Videos will be uploaded to your YouTube account. When ready email for more information.

Guidelines: make a 1 minute video from your iPhone or digital camera. Include 1 to 3 friends, bright lightning & not shake-y, any outside cool campus location, and for extra credit wear a school t-shirt.

Script: Freestyle is good! Tell us 2-3  great things about your school. Humor is very good.   Please do not say your names!

Questions?: Email

*Not all videos will be winners, however, when appropriate, they will be used for the website with your permission.