Our Services

We love working with teens and love to talk college 24-7, unfortunately, we are not taking any new clients for 2015-2016. Feel free to reach out with specific college questions via our Facebook page.

Services and Fee Structure

The objective is to organize a comprehensive college list and devise a strategy and assist the student in completing the application process. The specific areas of services are listed below and will be addressed as needed. 

We prefer working with students during their junior year, although we will assist students in all stages of high school. Summer is the ideal time to tackle the majority of the required tasks involved in submitting a college application.

Fee is $395 for approximately a 6- hour consultation. Consultation time includes 1 or 2 meetings (depending on the student’s location), resume preparation, college list creation & research, essay brainstorming and editing, and emails and telephone consultations as needed.  There will be direct contact with the student via email, phone call or text to check on goals and deadlines.  Parents may be included on communications. After the initial consultation, time may be contracted hourly.

Primary Services Covered

Overview of Application Process – Meet with the student (with or without a parent) to explain how the admissions process works; admission officers’ expectations, the essence of timeliness, securing teacher recommendations, when it is necessary to demonstrate interest and managing expectations. Strategize for time management.

Resume coaching – Having your resume ready is one of the simplest components of the process yet has a tremendous impact on the overall outcome. The student’s resume is a quick reference for completing applications and a vital tool for teacher recommendations.

Organizing College Application Calendar Clarify responsibilities, make a plan and keep
 students “on task.” Meeting the necessary deadlines is critical to earning college acceptances. For many schools, submitting your application before the published deadline may be advantageous. An ideal goal is to submit all applications before October 31st.

College List Consultation– Organize targeted schools, which include Reaches, Likely, and Safeties. Help students narrow their choices. Identify colleges that are a “good fit” through researching profiles of schools highlighting areas acceptance rates, retention rate, school size and culture with consideration to the student’s desire.

Application Essays – Writing the college essay, along with the supplemental essays can be a daunting task for a very busy High School senior. With the student, we will brainstorm essay themes, coach and edit to achieve an authentic essay. Colleges now requiring supplemental essays have  exploded, together we will outline the requirements and strategize how to best complete them.

Later in the Process

Interview – Although few schools still offer admissions interviews, those that do require an interview, consider it one of the most important factors in the process. We will assist the student with interview preparation tips.

Acceptance Offers Advisement – Comparison of college acceptance letters and review of college fit.

Deferred/Wait-Listed Procedures – Create effective strategies for deferred and wait-listed students.

As we are not accepting new students,

feel free to reach out with question via our Facebook page.