Don’t be a Ghost Applicant

Who are you?

Admissions officers like your application but still don't know who your are.

Admissions officers like your application but still don’t know who your are.

You have worked hard submitting so many college applications over the past few months. Your essays were crafted with care, you did your best on the SATs and ACTs, and paid a whole bunch of $70 application fees (ouch). Now it’s time to rest, right? Nooooo!

There is more work to do! Admissions officers are reading thousands of applications. And 100s of the candidates could be identical to you; same scores, same course load, same extracurriculars. Who will get the coveted acceptance letter? It will be the student who has expressed a true interest in attending their school. The other kids in the pile of applications never visited campus, never requested additional information or visited the website. This applicant is a phantom, he or she is a GHOST. After all your hard work in submitting your application, do not be a ghost applicant!

Many colleges, especially the smaller liberal arts schools, track the interest that you show. This is called  “demonstrated interest”. By demonstrating interest, you may increase your chances of receiving an acceptance.

Demonstrated Interest could be:

  • Visiting campus and registering with the admissions office
  • Attending college fairs, introducing yourself to the admission officers
  • Sending a question via email to the admission officers
  • “Liking” the college’s Facebook page
  • Responding to emails from the college
  • Checking with admissions office regarding the completeness of your application
  • Logging onto their college portal system (if they have one)
  • Participating in the college’s admission webinars
  • Visit the college again!

Demonstrating interest assists the college in evaluating whether you are a serious applicant verses a ghost applicant. Ghost applicants have the tendency to not attend the college if an offered an acceptance.  Their reasoning maybe that the student thinks of the college as a “safety” school. Offering acceptance letters is a big deal to a college admissions office. It effects their overall admissions statistics which then effects their rankings. Give your application a boost by demonstrating interest!