A Few Laughs

Finding humor during the intense college search is recommended! Here are a few true anecdotes that should make you smile.  (Note, names have been changed.)

This is my FAVORITE  school!

Kelly was pretty psyched for her Vanderbilt alumni interview. She had a great resume, straight “A”s, and high SAT scores. Vandy was her first choice. A few minutes into the interview, all seemed to be going well and the alum asked her what college at Vanderbilt she was applying to. “Business, I want to be a business major”. Oops. Vanderbilt does not have a business school.  The meeting wrapped up pretty quickly and she was not accepted.

Sure, I’ll Go…

It was spring of senior year and John was in the final phase of deciding which college to attend. He had several acceptances, many with significant merit awards. Now he was revisiting the campuses and attending the “Accepted Student Days”. Which college was he going to attend?

On a Saturday morning in mid April, it was 7 AM and time to leave to make the 2+ hour trip. Accepted Student Days are big deals on college campuses; colleges roll out the marching band, free food, and University dignitaries. However, John had been up late the night before and wasn’t feeling well. Feeling a little hassled, he asked his mom, “Could you just go and tell me how it is?”

Leave no stone unturned

Katie knew exactly what she wanted for a college and definitely did not want to go to the same school where her sister went. She visited about 30 college campuses over a one year period.  At each school,  she would find fault in it. “The buildings are ugly. Where is the cute downtown? The dorms should be closer to the library.” Each criticism reflected what her sister’s school looked like.  In the end, after 100s of hours of college visits, she went to the college that her sister attends.

Road Trip!!!

Two high school friends were on a college visit trip. They were not feeling enthusiastic about the top tiered, highly selective schools they visited which was   very frustrating for the parent who was driving them. One of them said, “Ehh, it’s okay, I guess…but I don’t think I am going to apply here.”  However, came application time, one of them did apply, was accepted, with merit scholarship, attends and became and president of her sorority.

Rejects Unite!

When a college has an acceptance rate of 20% or less it means that 80% of  the students are getting rejections. To give the experience perspective, many high school guidance departments create “REJECT” bulletin boards where kids can post their latest rejection letter. It’s a camaraderie builder and students like to see what schools send particularly rude rejections.