Extra Credits = Early Graduation = Saving $


2 Thumbs Up for AP Credits

The “Tail end” Method  – Good students should definitely take those challenging AP courses (Advanced Placement) when offered. Not only does it make you a more attractive applicant, earning AP credits is a great “tail end” method of saving BIG tuition dollars.Oddly enough, high school guidance department do not make a big deal about how a 3 credit AP course could save you anywhere from $500 to $3000 dollars down the road.  Not surprising, often colleges are low key about accepting your AP credit, since it cuts them out of your tuition $. Since often students end up dropping a course and needing to make it up to stay on track for graduation, these high school AP credits can save you from summer session.

The really BIG savings come when you have mulitple credits.  One savvy student we know earned 9 AP credits in high school. While in college he earned 5 more credits with a summer session abroad  (alternatively, community college summer credits may work). When entering his senior year of college, he needed 19 credits to graduate, which he enrolled for and completed that fall semester.

While early graduation may not sound appealing to a student who loves attending college, it can be…  For the spring semester, with his parents blessing, he lived in off campus housing, did not have the stress of exams and he saved his parents $18,000 in tuition. He made great use of the time by working at an internship while looking for full-time employment and he worked at the local pub for his spending money. Pretty Smart.