Don’t apply where everyone else is applying

Diversity of a college’s student population is admission’s office dream. Students from Utah? Yes!  Iowa – even better! New York/New Jersey/Connecticut?  wa wa wa…. no thanks…

Okay, don’t bum-out you oh-so-cool NY metropolitan students, but realize there are THOUSANDS of you!!!

If you are from NJ and everyone from your high school is applying to University of Delaware,  remember “Everyone from your high school is applying there!” Why is UDel going to give you a Merit Scholarship  of $5,ooo when you SATs are just above the average UDel student? Now take your stats and go college shopping in Florida, where your stats are above the avg FLA student, and you might hear “Heck come on down! We think you are great (since you are from NJ) and will offer a $12,000 scholarship and accept all your AP credits”. It’s been known to happen. :)