Senior Year

Congratulations you are a senior! Our best recommendation is to  complete the majority of the college application before the school year starts. Senior year can be a lot of fun; if you are not stressed out with writing essays, visiting colleges and trying to recruit teacher recommendations. Get a hold of yourself & start the process! Use the below lists to help you complete your tasks. 

Most important – Be aware of Deadlines!


Wrap up your list of college campuses to visit.

Print College in the’s  “College Comparision Spreadsheet” to organize your data!

Write Your  Resume: having an up-to-date resume will help you when completing applications, and assist your teachers when writing recommendations. It’s imperative to being organized.

Create a College List of at least 8 schools that consist of  a few reaches and safeties and affordable schools

Download the Common Application and supplemental essays for colleges of interest.  Go to

Write Essays


Complete main essay and ask English teacher to proofread

Meet with Guidance Counselor to review transcripts, check that your grades are  accuracy

Confirm with 2 teachers that they will write a letter of recommendation

Complete  & save Common Application. Check for required supplemental essays for each school

Complete State University Applications – the sooner, the better since the early bird gets the worm… :)


Complete & submit Early Action(EA), Early Decision (ED) Applications

Give recommending teachers Common App Teacher Evaluation forms with your Resume

Check  your favorite college’s Financial Aid deadlines; FAFSA & CSS are often due before application!

Check  Merit Scholarship deadlines

Submit EA – ED applications early to avoid System Crashes!


Deadlines for most Early Action, Early Decision and State University Apps are Nov 1 or Nov 15

Prepare FASFA worksheet,  calculate EFC (Estimated Family Contribution)

Check  Financial Aid deadlines; FAFSA & CSS often due before application

Check  Merit Scholarship deadlines

Submit SAT or ACT scores to EA ED colleges

Check with teachers & guidance that EA ED recommendations/transcripts sent

FAFSA due worksheet & apply for PIN

Finalize list of Regular Decision applications

Thanksgiving Weekend -complete any supplemental essays for Regular Decision


Submit regular decision applications

Request English teacher to proofread supplements

Give teachers final list & envelopes for recommendations

Submit final Applications. Send SAT or ACT scores to colleges

Be ready to submit FAFSA form on Jan 1 or sooner


Any last minute applications?

1/1, 1/3 or 1/15 Regular Decision or Early Decision Round II are typically the due dates

Check favorite schools calendar & schedule additional visits if needed.

Send thank you notes to teachers, recommenders, proof readers and guidance counselor


Double check that your applications are complete by calling the admissions offices. Confirm with them that they have the necessary recommendations, SAT test scores, and high school transcript.

Be sure all financial aid  forms have been submitted.


Revisit colleges if you have been accepted. Attend accepted student programs.

If you are ready to make a decision, submit your deposit. Many schools give priority housing on first come, first serve basis.


Tuition Deposit must be sent by May 1.

Notify the colleges, that you will not be attending, of  your decision. A quick email and thank you is appropriate.

If you are waitlisted at a school, write them a letter about your desire to be accepted or taken off the waitlist.

June  Graduate & Have fun!