Deferred from EA or ED? Take action!

Pick Me!No rest for the applicant weary! If you have been deferred from
schools where you applied Early Action or Early Decision, now is the time to show “Demonstrated Interest”.

In the next few weeks, you can improve your chances of moving from the “limbo” stack of applications to the “Admitted” stack. There are many ways for the student (not parents!) to demonstrate interest:

  1. Visit campus again, and be sure to register with admissions office when you do.
  2. Email your admissions counselor, ask good questions, and confirm that your application is complete.
  3. Send any additional information which may have not made the application deadline, i.e., did you get published in the school newspaper, make the honor roll, earn a great report card, or receive other acknowledgments? Send a copy of your award with a note, “just thought you would like to know….”
  4. Respond to all emails from the admissions officers, even if they seem superfluous or not serious. They are!
  5. Do you have an opportunity to interview with the college? Be sure to go for it.

Note: This is also an important tactic for the regular admissions cycle. However, if you are notified that you have been waitlisted, these are the same type of initiatives you will need to take to move off the waitlist.

You need to show the love! Many Admissions Departments consider demonstrated interest very seriously. They want to improve their acceptance rate and increase their yield of accepted applicants who commit to attending. Every time a college can improve their Admissions statistics, it benefits their place in the college rankings, the holy grail in a university’s endowment.

Be assertive, enthusiastic and motivated and  give the Admissions Department a few more good reasons why they should accept you.  :)




Frankenstorm and Nov. 1 Application Deadline

With the mother of all storms bearing down on the Northeast, many high schools are closed and today seniors are taking the opportunity to finish Early Action and Early Decision applications which are due in a few short days.  Just like the government officials who are warning homeowners to be prepared, you too want to take into consideration your application deadline and losing power for several days…

If you have yet to submit your application for the November 1st deadline take the time now to:

  • Back up all you essays on to a hard disc and/or thumb drive. If you lose power, you will be prepared to can take your work to a nearby location that has power such as  a library, school or friend’s house.
  • Print a hard copy of your common app essays and all application supplemental questions. If you lose power, you can work on them with pen and paper
  • If you still have power, send an email to the college admissions offices that you  intend to submit you application in time for the Nov 1 deadline, however, you are concerned that the approaching storm may cause power outages and your submission may be delayed.  Many admission offices will be understanding if your application is a day late due to complications caused by the hurricane.
  • Check out this link for more than 20 colleges who have already determined deadline extensions.

In October 2011 many homes were without power for 7 days and more. Life gets uncomfortable during natural disasters, don’t let your college applications fall victim to “Frankenstorm 2012″.

Good luck and stay safe everyone!